Private Label Right – Advantages and disadvantages?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, is a license that gives you the rights to edit, change or modify different materials as you desire. You can obtain PLR licenses for different e books, articles, audio, software, video, and graphics. For example, you can buy PLR articles or products, rewrite them  by inserting your own ideas and you can post them on your site. Or you might also buy PLR eBooks, rewrite them as well and you can sell them. PLR offers many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

In this article, we will share both advantages and disadvantages of PLR.

When you decide in purchasing PLR, keep in mind these most important advantages that might help you with your business:

1. It saves time and money.

Instead of coming up with an original idea and creating everything from the scratch, PLR will give you the idea, the outline, and foundation from which to begin working on your web site. The work is already done for you by purchasing PLR, saving of course a lot of time and money. Just imagine the cost if you had the content outsourced, and think of how much time it would take you if you had done it yourself.

2. You can rewrite the content by inserting your own ideas

It is advisable to change the content. While you can post PRL content as it is, it is much better to rewrite it by inserting your own ideas and thoughts into the content to raise your brand awareness. Your target audience will definitely notice the reflection of your business in this. Owning PLR rights gives you the possibility to add, delete, rearrange and revise the given content.

3. You can claim ownership

Since you are creating a new piece of content by inserting your ideas or by rewriting the existing content, you can put your name on it and also you can claim copyright.

There are also some disadvantages that PLR comes with that need to be taken into consideration. The main disadvantages are:

4. You are not the only one to buy, therefore no exclusivity guaranteed

When purchasing PLR, you need to be aware of the fact that you are buying a content that probably has been sold to hundreds of other people. Even if many PLR suppliers limit the number of licenses sold, you are not being guaranteed exclusivity. This is the main reason why content should be rewritten and revised, inserting new ideas, representing the success to your business. Adjusting the content is crucial.

5. PLR comes with vague and generic content and many restrictions

It is highly important to rewrite the content since most of the PLR contents are vague and written in a general manner.  So you should consider PLR the material that is the basic element of your content that you need to cover with your own original ideas. Depending on the PLR  suppliers there might be  some restrictions regarding the terms of use.

In conclusion, choosing  to purchase  PLR content is a very good way to boost your business. You only need to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of this purchase. You also need to keep in mind that it is essential to add some personal ideas to the content, not only taking it as it is. This will make your target audience return on your web site and keep the flow constant.

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