Why is Google algorithm so important?

Why is Google algorithm so important?

If you are interested in online marketing you’ve probably heard of Google algorithm. Do you know what they are?

If you what to learn more about Google algorithms, you have to understand that in the digital world, an algorithm helps the computer to perform a very specific task. Also, you have to know the standard definition of an algorithm, which is explained as a set of rules for solving a problem in a specific number of steps.

Google algorithms follow the rules of the basic definition. When you search something on Google, the search engine returns you millions of results. Have you ever wondered how did it know which results to return to you and in what order? The explanation is pretty simple: Google has a very complex and secret algorithm for search results and it changes often.

Although it is private, we can tell you some things that are really important if you want to feed Google algorithm, in order to improve a page’s ability to appear in the results for some keywords:

  • The keywords should appear in the page’s title and meta description
  • The website should be mobile friendly
  • Naturally-occurring organic links should be on the page

Of course, there are hundreds of others characteristics that Google algorithm explores.

The Google algorithm is personalized by the one who searches something on the internet. For example, someone who inputs “babies videos” wants very different results from someone who types “how to lose weight”. The algorithm is custom for each search and even a little mistake of spelling can alter it. However, Google can offer suggestions when only one word is typed, based on the browser history.

Google algorithms and search engine optimization

As we told before, Google algorithm uses keywords in order to determine page rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to rank for particular keywords. In easy words, SEO tells Google that a website is about a specific topic.

If you are thinking “the more keywords written, the better”, you are wrong. Google penalize websites that do that, and sooner or later, your rating will suffer. If you want to feed Google algorithm and optimize your site, stay away from “black hat” SEO practices, and follow our advices, in order to have a Google-friendly website:

  • Give people the information they are looking for

Create pages with quality content on them, and pay specific attention at your homepage. This is the most important thing you have to do. Visitors will be attracted to your site if it contains useful information. Think about the specific words users will search to find your pages and include those on your website.

  • Make sure that other websites link to yours

A link from a page to other page is seen by Google as a vote by the first page for the second. But keep in mind that only natural links are useful for the indexing and ranking of your website.

  • Make an easily accessible website

Your site should have a logical link structure

  • Create good names for your image files

Implement a keyword of a specific topic in your file names, for better usability and optimization

  • There are also other things you have to avoid, such as text contained in graphics, creating multiple copies of a page under different URLs and as we already told you before, using a lot of keywords won’t help you.


You are still wondering why is Google algorithm so important?

Google gets more traffic than any other site, and there are nearly 150 000 000 active websites on the internet today. Google algorithm actually does the work for you, but searching on the web the words you typed, then gives a rank to the pages so they appear on your screen, in a specific order. The pages with the highest rank appear further up in Google’s search engine results page, and that theoretically means that the best links relating to your interest are the first ones in Google’s lists.

If you are serious and you really want to get more free traffic from Google, you need to invest time and effort to your site and to online marketing.

Don’t forget that Google search engine optimization is still about keywords and links.

But even more than that it’s about reputation, relevance, trust, quality of content and visitors satisfaction.

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