5 Basic Reasons to Refuse From Cheap Hosting Plans

5 Basic Reasons to Refuse From Cheap Hosting Plans

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”. If you look for the cheapest option when choosing the web host, you’ll soon learn what it means.

Do you really need such economy?

  1. Poor customer service

When the hosting price is low, the company, which delivers the service, economizes on something to give such opportunity for you. It attracts the crowds with low budget offers, and then tries to serve them all, compromising the quality of the service. It is usually harder to reach the customer support when you use a cheap hosting plan. Let us suppose you have to solve an urgent technical issue and apply to the customer support for help. Do not forget about the numerous clients who also swallowed the bait and purchased a cheap hosting plan. They also can experience problems, bombarding the customer support with tickets. In this way, you can get the answer from support team in several days only. At such moments the clients usually understand the mistake and try to correct it upgrading to dedicated server package. Poor customer support brings to huge losses and can even destroy your business. If it is so, is it worth saving money on it?

  1. Poor performance, low traffic and low conversion rate

The web hosting companies have to pack too many sites on the server to lower the cost and it affects the performance. First of all, the load time suffers. It means that your site works slowly thus bringing to lower conversion. Not all visitors stay on the site, waiting for the page to load.  The users prefer faster sites.

The same is true for search engines that rank faster sites higher than the ones with slow load time. This is not a guess – it was officially announced by Google. In this way, insufficient website load speed interferes with high rank in search engines and, consequently, higher income. A slow site does not let your business develop.

A few useful tips for website owners:

  • The speed of the site is a good indicator for customers, who can always control it with special tools to monitor the work of the site. Using the web page speed monitor, the customers can select the most appropriate option among shared hosting plans, in case a low budget is still a priority on this stage.
  • It is also recommended to fulfill the website performance optimization with this effective tool.
  • In the event of tight circumstances, the person can promote his business on a free platform, which becomes a temporary solution or an additional promotional tool. It can be challenging to find a free hosting plan that delivers high quality service. However, you can still find such hosting provider if you visit HRANK free web hosts rating system and specify the details of your search. If uptime is a priority, you can select the most reliable free web hosting plan in this respect on the site of this independent ranking company. If you want to determine which web host has the best response time, you can easily get the search result immediately.
  1. The risk of the downtime or server outage is higher

The worst thing that can happen is the downtime or server outage. This is especially painful when you spent much money and time on promotion, get ultimately thousands of visitors to your site, but save a few bucks buying a cheaper hosting plan. It does not sound reasonable, do you agree? Downtime is a huge problem for many online businesses and even such Internet giants as Amazon with high-tech facilities at their disposal are not fully protected from them. This is the biggest e-commerce online store in the United States. Still the outages occur, causing huge losses. As a result of 40 minutes outage in 2013, the multibillion retail store lost almost $5 million. If even such business shark was not spared from it, small and middle-sized online businesses, which use limited resources, are always exposed to risk.  It can be hard to avoid the downtime altogether but we can reduce such possibility to minimum. We should do everything possible to prevent it. Refusal from low-cost shared hosting is one of ways to stay protected.

If you just select the web hosting plan for your site or want to make sure that your web host provider does a good job, check the site loading speed with online speed test tool. It should not exceed 5 seconds. Probably, it is necessary to improve the code of the site. However, sometimes the web host company is to blame for it. It does not update the equipment and does not use the advanced technologies operating its servers.

  1. Limited control and resources

If you use a budget shared hosting plan, you can come across the situation when the company provides limited resources for its users. It refers to the memory, CPU and the disk space.

The service of shared hosting can be compared with an apartment shared by different people. They have all facilities at their disposal but share them with other tenants who use the same swimming pool, the parking lot and the playground as they paid to the landlord just like you. It can be inconvenient at times but the price for shared use of amenities is affordable. This example resembles the situation with shared hosting. Using shared hosting, the website owner is not able to control everything fully and has limited resources at his disposal. In this case, the performance of the site depends upon the activity of your neighbors as well.

  1. Lack of choice

Inexpensive hosting services do not provide the choice of software for their clients, so they have to put up with current options. You may not be allowed to use cPanel, for instance, which is a good solution for e-commerce platforms.


Cheap hosting plan can eventually turn out to be even more expensive than the costly plans, which you rejected trying to save money. You may not notice it at first, but when you start analyzing and calculate everything, you get access to more comprehensive picture. You understand that you could get the same without hassle and worries buying the premium website hosting plan instead.

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