Top 10 WordPress best free plugins. Most used free plugins.

Top 10 WordPress best free plugins. Most used free plugins.

WordPress is an easy-to-use platform, but it can’t do everything you want it to do. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because there are a lot of free plugins that can help you. The extendability provided by the most used free plugins is one of the platform’s biggest strengths.

We’ll present you the WordPress best free plugins and the most used free plugins. All of them are reliable and ready to take your blog or website to the next level.

Let’s get started:

  1. Antispam Bee

There is a huge amount of spam on the internet, and you will need for your site a proper filter. Antispam Bee is one of the most used free plugins, being trusted by over 200.000 people. Trust us, you also need this and is not costing you a dime.

  1. Duplicator

Duplicator is a very useful free plugin. It allows you to make a backup of your site and to move it from one place to another. Can be very frustrating not to have it when you need it, because losing your entire website can be awful.

  1. Easy updates manager

This free plugin helps you have control over the process of updating WordPress, because without it, updating it can be a real hassle.

  1. Disable comments

If you don’t like people commenting on your site, you can stop it. Install this free plugin and your problem is solved.

  1. Yoast SEO

If you want to take full control of your site’s search optimization Yoast SEO. It has features like automatically updated XML sitemaps,  editing for SEO titles and meta descriptions, open graph integrations.

  1. Broken link checker

This free plugin can check the links inside posts, pages, and your blogroll. The broken links can be fixed directly from the plugin page.

  1. AddThis

AddThis is very useful if you are looking for additional social media sharing options. It is easy to customize and loads quickly.

  1. qTranslate X

If you need your website to be in several languages we have good news for you. With this free plugin, the translations will appear in different tabs for easy access.

  1. Table Press

This is essential only if your site needs to display tables. So, for those looking for this functionality Table Press is a gift from heaven.

  1. SumoMe

SumoMe is not only a plugin, but a whole bunch of free tools rolled into one. It includes share buttons, image sharing tools, call-to-action buttons etc.


The above top lists the WordPress best free plugins and the most used free plugins. Pick from all that what seems to be useful for you and for your site, test it and keep it if it makes sense.

What are your choices when it comes to plugins?

What did you use from our list and what do you think?

Do you have other suggestions?

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