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If you want to set up the site structure of your web site, you need to know that a lot of effort and hard work  is needed, and it is highly important to invest time and work so that you might be glad of the final result. Also, maintaining a solid structure is even harder if traffic is increasing. So what you need to do in order to avoid site structure mistakes? Keep in mind that your business can change in time, and your site’s structure will reflect every change that might occur during the years.  So, it is essential to think and work at your site structure on a regular basis. The site needs to have a solid structure and needs to be easy for the audience to visit.  In this article, we want to share a few common site structure mistakes that need to be avoided.

  1. Do not create too many tags!

Make sure to avoid creating too many tags, we recommend using tags more than once or twice.  If every post / article receives a new tag, you are  basically not structuring anything. So, as we mentioned,  make sure tags are used more than once or twice. They should group articles together that belong together. You need  also to ensure that your tags, that are very useful to visitors,  are available to your audience somewhere at a certain point on your page (ex. bottom of the article/post) . If someone wants to read about a certain topic, tags are really helpful.

  1. Avoid hiding your cornerstones!

The most important content pages are called cornerstone content,  which is the content that exactly reflects your business and the mission of your business. Being of a such essential importance, hiding them from the audience is a mistake that needs to be avoided. Cornerstones should be visible for the web site visitors, a few clicks away from the homepage, so people can easily find them.  Cornerstone articles should be high in your site structure, focusing on the most competitive keywords. Also, keep in mind that you should link to those cornerstones and mention them whenever possible in other articles or posts.

  1. Underestimating the role of the breadcrumbs

We shouldn’t forget breadcrumbs! The main role they have in the site structure is that they show how the page fits into the site structure.  Even if they are really important for the site structure too, many people do not use them. They are used as a navigational aid in user interfaces. Basically allowing users to keep track of their locations within programs, documents, or websites, making it easier for them to navigate on the website.


  1. Avoid large categories !

One should divide their blogs or posts on their web site into a number of equally large categories. If you write more regarding a certain topic on your blog, try to divide them into two main categories, since they should be quite the same length. As a result there would be a more accurate reflection of the content on your website.

  1. Not paying attention to visualizing the site structure!

Do not forget visualizing the site structure since visitors might want to find different things on the web site easily.  Make sure the main categories are visible (preferably on the home page),  so people can easily find them. A clear menu reflects the structure of your site and helps visitors  understand how your website is being structured.

In conclusion, your site structure is an essential part of the SEO strategy you desire to implement. It shows Google which pages are the most important. Having a solid site structure, you can impact which articles will rank highest when being searched. So it is advisable to do it right by avoiding site structure mistakes listed above.

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